Research Topic's

Paper 1
Therapeutic Potential of Phyllanthus Nirruri Linn:
An Overview B R Pandey, P Verma
Paper 2
Therapeutic Potential of Noo-Tropic Bacopa Monnieri In Prevention & Treatment of Diseases:
An Overview S Pandey, B Singh, AA Mahdi
Paper 3
Various Strategies To Produce Vaccines Against Aids
S Mehrotra, K Singh, A Singh, S Singh, F Jamal.
Paper 4
Canine Impaction, A Dilemma In Orthodontic Practice:
Overview P Sharma, N Yadav, F Anwar, N Mishra, R Bhandari, Yash
Paper 5
Coagulation Profile As Predictor of Recovery Status In Patients of Head Injury:
Prakash C Subramaniam, J Bogra, G Chandra, A Kumar, M Kohli, S Dasmana, P Srivastava, KL Mishra
Paper 6
Effect of Nutritional Supplements on Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis-A Pilot Study
N Singh, V Singh, G Mehta
Paper 7
Antitermite Activity of Cordia Dichotoma
Mahesh Pal, Tripti Mishra, Ranjeet Kumar, S K Tewari
Paper 8
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Biological Aspects of Trivalent Iron and Cobalt Complexes with Schiff Bases Derived
Isatin S Dixit, N Tripathi, Vk Sharma
Paper 9
Nanocomposite Material for Packaging of Electronic Goods
S Sikarwar, SB Yadav, AK Yadav, BC Yadav
Paper 10
Use of Ontological Analysis for Student Skills Control in E-Learning:
Semantic Web Approach G Laxmi, I Shah, R Beg
Paper 11
A Survey on Tomorrow's Internet and Its Architecture
S K Pandey, V Mishra
Paper 12
Comparative Study of Different Honeypots System
Shehzad Zaidi, Shivlok Singh
Paper 13
A Study of Selected Physical Fitness Components among Basketball and Volleyball Inter University Players
Santosh Kumar Gaur
Paper 14
Gender Difference of Achievement Motivation in University Handball Players
M K Verma , A Shukla, D K Singh
Paper 15
The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Employee Turnover
Rajshri Dhir
Paper 16
Indian Financial Markets: A Paradigm Shift
P.C.K. Rao , AK Srivastava
Paper 17
Role of Education for Global Peace
BC Tripathi, M Awasthi, N Chaudhary
Paper 18
Teachers Role in Human Rights Education in Different Level
BC Tripathi, MM Tripathi, A Kumar
Paper 19
Social Change And Education
A Tripathi
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